The Original H-B Pedal

This Exclusive patented pedal delivers a beat on the down stroke and on the up stroke. One foot turns into two feet for complex double patterns, it can also deliver single and double patterns in the same song. This Pedal causes rapid, multiple beats with no additional effort or foot speed by the drummer.


" I can play sixteenth bass-notes so freakin' fast now - and EFFORTLESSLY - it's just nut's "    

Conversion Kit

The H.B. Conversion Kit is the same conept as the Hyper-Bass, but allows drummers to change their regular pedal to a versatile electronic Hyper-Bass.

Conversion Kits

Price $79.99

H-B Features

Details about key features and capabilities

  • adjustable trigger
  • no wasted leg motion
  • rapid, multiple beats
  • single beats
  • no slip spikes
  • changeable bumpers
  • changeable tension springs
  • heavy duty construction
Demo Video

Ron Hampton
patented US #6,979,770